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What We Do

Soccer Edge is a professional Soccer coaching vendor an coaching provider. We provide license professional soccer coaches from all around the world  to soccer clubs, city's, towns, private organizations  here in the United states. We provided multiple services from Club and organization overhaul to private camps, private lesson's. We currently work in the Northeast based out Connecticut. We have had the opportunity to provided services to the city's of Weston CT, Derby CT, Wilton CT, Westport CT, New Rochelle NY.

Our Service's

B2B opportunity

Soccer Edge has the flexibility and ability to work closely with other soccer organizations.  We know that finding good quality coaches can be the biggest challenge for many programs and so if possible we will provide a coach for any provider who needs a professional coach for a team, recreational program, clinics or camps.


We are also a company that has the expertise and experience to come into a new soccer program that are looking to make a start or an already established program looking for a new fresh direction.  We as a service provider will not only provide highly qualified coaches but we will also walk you through the whole process by implementing a structure that includes a club philosophy, a coaching methodology, curriculums and seasonal player evaluations.


We believe that for any program/club to be successful it must have good structure and great delivery and we at Soccer Edge pride ourselves on providing both exceptionally well.

B2C opportunity

We provide a host of client services that run through out the year so that players, teams, parents and coaches can enjoy our coaching style and methodology all year round.


We provide camps for individuals or teams so they can enjoy some extra sessions while their regular season is taking a break.  We run a weeklong summer residential camp for the travel and premier player or teams, ensuring that whichever level they are currently at that they will be challenged and pushed but in a fun and safe environment.


We know that High school coaches have their hands tied during the build up to a very busy and important season ahead and so our high school pre season training week has proven to be very popular with the high school coaches that we work with.  During the high school camp we focus our attention on increasing the players strength and conditioning while also shaking of the rust by using lots of technical drills so the players are maximizing their time getting comfortable with the ball again.  We work closely with the high school coach to ensure that the tactical side of our training incorporates their proposed formation, style of play and awareness of their system of play for the season ahead.

Private Lessons

For best development results we have found one on one coaching or small group training to have the optimal effect. 


Our coaches are equipped with the skills necessary to assess an individuals needs and the areas in which they need to strengthen.  Working one on one or in a small group format will give our coach the best opportunity to give the individual player the necessary attention and focus so maximum development is gained during the sessions.

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