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Travel (Ages U9-U15)

Tactical training and team play done the right way!

Overview: Here at Soccer Edge we focus on creating a soccer community, based on a passion for soccer and learning the proper way to play soccer for both Girls and Boys. We created a positive environment that fosters players to have fun playing, learning, failing and succeeding. Soccer Edge has coached 5 State championship teams in Connecticut. 

Travel U9
This is the first year of travel soccer.

Our Philosophy: Introduce the kids to a Soccer Edge curriculum - At this stage we start with fine tuning the basics, we teach how to play consistent simple soccer. We don't over teach and overload we provide at the speed of the team.

Our Curriculum: We start by introducing juggling, retouching on our skills moves and dribbling, at this age we want to enhance our first touch in the air or on the ground. We're not training at a specific position, we want all kids to play all positions at this age.

Travel U10

Our Philosophy: At this age it is important and we push our kids to become knowledgeable about the game of soccer. We influence our kids to become part of the game, to go and watch older kids play, pros play. At this age it is important to have them practice on their own time, at this age you will see separation of skill levels 

Our Curriculum: We introduce the many way of passing and shooting, opening up the body, using both feet but concentrating on the weak foot. We instill how important it is to practice at game like speed. At this level we bring in our advance technically curriculum which expands the arsenal of skill moves our kid experience.

Travel U11

Our Philosophy: This is around the time kids start figuring out what position they feel comfortable at. At this age we start developing team play, controlling the ball and moving as one unit.

Our Curriculum: We have the understanding that this is the age, kids start to work together and we use that to our advantage. We advance in our passing from 2 touch soccer to 1 touch soccer, strengthening our crossing and shooting. We start implementing the use specific position training and start shaping an sculpting players to the position that suits there natural born soccer traits.

Travel U12-U15

Our PhilosophyNow we have reached an age when all players should be more than comfortable with the ball at their feet and stocked with a locker full of skills and tricks.  Creating that confident player at younger age is essential to all future successes and now we have set a strong foundation from our early years of training we can now start to focus our attention to more tactical training and patterns of play.


We're a program that strongly believes that skill will always win over athletic ability and so giving our players the tools needed to move and receive the ball quickly is our main focus at these ages.  We will continue to work on 1 v1 ‘s and 2 v 2’s but over shorter periods of time just so our players can enjoy and keep fine tuning their individual skills but our main attention is targeted towards moving the ball quickly between the lines and switching the play.


Our Curriculum: Passing and receiving is our main topic and all sessions will be started with a passing and receiving drill which will then progress into a possession style drill with the main attention to detail on correct passing and receiving techniques. As the season moves on and the players start to develop a good understanding of the skill needed for passing and receiving we will start to include movement on and off the ball.

Once a team of players has shown a good level of consistent ball movement and control it will then allow us to really push and challenge them with tactical sessions and systems of play.


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