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Spring an Summer Camps

Soccer Edge is proud to announce that spring and summer camps will be taking place again in Weston CT.  These camps are designed and have been created with 10 years of knowledge and experience which ensures the kids and parents leave wanting to come back for more.

This Soccer Edge camp will be ran by Soccer Edges Founder an Weston's varsity Boys Head Coach and Director of Coaching for the town Weston CT Kevin Fitzsimmons.  Kevin has been running camps for over 10 years and he prides himself on knowing what the kids and parents of need from their camps.  Fun, Safe, Challenging and Convenient are the key ingredients needed for a successful soccer day camps and that's why Soccer Edge is prides itself on running the best possible camps. 

Soccertots (Ages 3-5) Camp

The soccertots program was introduced by Kevin Fitzsimmons back in 2006 as a weekly program for the 3-5 year olds in the town of Weston CT and since then the program on Saturday mornings has grown to over 40 kids.  With this knowledge and hunger for tots soccer Soccer Edge decided to add a week of soccer for the future soccer stars of tomorrow and now the program has become very popular with our young campers and parents. The program will run for 2 hours everyday and during that time the kids will have a blast meeting new friends, playing soccer and most importantly developing their motorskills by playing fun games that will have them hopping, jumping, running and kicking the soccer ball.  This is a must camp for any child currently involved in a tots program or any younger sibling who wants to be just like their older brother or sister.  

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Academy and Travel Soccer Camp

These camps are a great way for all level soccer players whether you play Rec, Club or Academy as the camp is ran by high level international coaches with Academy, High School, Premier and travel experience so every kid regardless of level will be challenged.  

All players will be placed in skill appropriate groups rather than age appropriate groups so they can get the maximum possible development from the week.

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