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Junior Academy (Ages 5-8)

Becoming a master with the ball!

Think Alex Morgan, Think Messi and Think Ronaldo. Dribbling take on moves and learning how to control the ball is our focus at this age.

Our Program:  Having every player touch the ball with both feet as many times as possible in the seventy five minutes we have them is our focus and objective at this age.  Teaching the correct dribbling techniques and the foundation skill moves is a sure fire way to instill confidence and self belief in the individual at this young age. 

Our Philosophy: We encourage maximum touches on the ball with constant encouragement to dribble and take people on with the foundation moves that they have been taught.  We want to stop the players from just kicking it and we want them to be courageous and creative on the ball.

Our Curriculum: Players at this age are pushed to dribble with their heads up so they can learn to find the empty space on the field. Players are also taught the foundation moves, take on moves and turns.  Mastering these skills without any pressure from defenders ensures the players get a basic understanding of the fundamentals of each move.  Once there is a confidence we then use 1 v 1's and 2 v 2' drills to help the players fine tune the execution of each skill learnt.  We only teach one skill a week so the players get the chance to learn and master each move before moving on to the next skill. 

With this Program: Through repetition the kids are provided with an arsenal of skill moves and self confidence that will stay with them for years to come. Soccer Edge has provided the town of Weston CT with our JR Academy programing and over 200+ kids have graduated this program which has then led to town success at the older ages with five state cups in two years coming to the town.


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