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High School (Ages 14-18)

Whats the difference between High School and Academy?

What is High School Soccer

High School soccer is a different from academy soccer in so many ways. When playing for your high school team, you can bring long last glory to your school, it can bring glory to your name for years to come. People always say, "well if you play high school soccer you wont be scouted to play Division 1 college soccer" and that statement is so far from the truth. 

What is Academy Soccer

Academy Soccer is a national development program based on a 2007 US soccer curriculum. Its a pay to play system where depending on the program it can cost upwards to $3000 a player a year. Even though you're paying, you're not guaranteed to play or guaranteed to stay on the team the following year. With the cost of playing being in the thousands are your guaranteed to be scouted for D1 soccer - NOPE.

At Soccer Edge we have been involved in coaching at high school level for 8 years. Our coaches have been involved at many different levels from Varsity head Coach, Varsity assistant coach, Junior varsity head coach, Head goalie coach.  

SE High School Soccer

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How you can play college soccer

Want to play college soccer at D1,D2,D3 JR level - Here at soccer edge we have a curriculum built out to give you the best opportunity to fulfill your dreams and it doesn't cost thousands of dollars playing Academy soccer. We help you out through the whole recruiting process from video editing, college visits, to contacting college programs. We work as team to strive to greatness. 

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