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Elite (Ages U10-U15)

The select few who thrive

ProgramsOur program structure has really flourished over the past several years and what we have learned from our model, is players of younger ages, being just as technically astute as their older and more senior club colleges but end up lacking in the confidence to go against the older, bigger and more stronger players.  


Overview With this in mind we created an Elite program within towns, where a skills only tryout is held for the 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  We select the best fourteen to fifteen technical players and place them on one Elite team for the season ahead.  Once the team is selected we run two extra practices a week and register the team in a multiple college showcase tournaments at the age of our oldest player.

Philosophy - Using this structure we have found that by the time the end of season tournament roles around our youngest players have gained a lot of confidence from playing against the older players on their team and the older players have learned how to become leaders and role models for the younger players.

CurriculumWe have found great success with the Elite Team format but not only by winning College showcase tournaments at age groups that are way above our average players age but also in physical and psychological player development.  The majority of the Elite Players have aspirations of playing high school and possibly college ball.  By participating in the Elite program they have learned to play against older kids they have developed a style of play and mental toughness that will only help them to succeed as young freshman and sophomores.  


Competition at the 13-15 years is the best tool for player development and so placing kids within environments such as playing and competing against bigger older kids is a fantastic way to quicken development and to increase the confidence in the individual.

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